Advisory Services

Whether you are selling your business or seeking strategic acquisitions, Janes Capital Partners offers proven processes to navigate the complexities of an M&A transaction. Our business is to deliver superior M&A outcomes. We measure our success, one client at a time.

Sell-Side Advisory

Our objective in every sell-side M&A assignment is to prepare our clients for the rigors of a disciplined and thorough process to ensure an optimal outcome. We bring decades of deal experience to our clients and guide them through every phase of the process. Sell-side advisory for Aerospace & Defense companies is the cornerstone of our practice.


Buy-Side Advisory

We leverage our Aerospace & Defense industry knowledge, insights and relationships to craft and execute effective buy-side campaigns. Janes Capital Partners has significant expertise in developing and conducting targeted or broad buy-side acquisition strategies, depending on our client’s strategic needs. Our professionals can assist and provide value throughout every step of the process.


Relationships Matter

At Janes Capital Partners, we take pride in our extensive and enduring relationships that span the entire Aerospace & Defense supply chain. Over many decades, we have cultivated strong, trusted partnerships with key players in the industry, from innovators to established giants. These longstanding relationships are a testament to our commitment to the Aerospace & Defense sector, enabling us to provide invaluable insights, connections, and opportunities to our clients.

  • TD-Group
  • Triumph
  • Northrop
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed
  • GE
  • General-Dynamics
  • L3Harris
  • Embraer
  • textron
  • eaton
  • Parker


  • Teledyne


  • Spirit


  • honeywell


  • Curtiss-Wright


  • CAE


  • Safran


  • airbus


  • RTX


  • woodward



Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

"Janes Capital Partners’ performance was truly impressive. Their commitment, attention to detail, and professionalism were truly noteworthy and reassuring. They followed a structured approach, shared invaluable insights, and reached out to an extensive list of industry contacts. Janes Capital Partners successfully identified a great buyer among several interested parties, resulting in a deal that exceeded our expectations."

Robert (Bob) Taylor
Owner and Founder

Pyramid Precision Machine

Jan 3, 2024 11:00:34 AM
Lou Mills

Lou Mills

"Janes Capital Partners’ performance was outstanding. Their dedication, focus and professionalism were both noteworthy and comforting. They employed a disciplined process, provided invaluable insight and capitalized on an extensive network of industry contacts. Janes Capital Partners delivered a perfect buyer from among a number of interested parties resulting in a transaction that exceeded our expectations."

Lou Mills

Aeries Enterprises, LLC

Jan 3, 2024 10:59:59 AM
Max Dermond

Max Dermond

"Janes Capital Partners provided unmatched, hands-on, senior-level attention throughout our transaction. The team worked tirelessly to execute a highly disciplined process in order to maximize shareholder objectives. Not only did Janes provide expert negotiating support but the team also devised a unique transaction structure, which overcame a potential deal breaker and created additional shareholder value."

Max Dermond
Owner and Owner's Representative

Aero Precision Industries LLC

Dec 13, 2023 10:54:14 AM

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